Fiona O'brien


Be sure to check out Fiona’s performance at the 2018 Ice Cold Comedy Fest coming January 9th-12th in Kingston Ontario.

Full schedule coming soon!

After Emigrating from Ireland to Canada in 2012 Fiona began on a quest to stamp out the racism that the Irish faceā€¦.One Lucky Charm at a time.

Fiona knows the Irish are not a race, but she cannot pronounce Xenophobia. A graduate of the Second City Stand up Course, Fiona quickly established herself by winning over audiences: semi finalist in the Absolute Comedy “Prove You’re a Comic” competition, a semi finalist in the Toronto Comedy Brawl, a finalist in The ‘Rising Stars Competition’ at The Brantford Comedy Festival, and two time Tournament Champion at Flat Tire Comedy , and now banned from entering this year due to complaints by other jealous comics. Recently appeared at the She Dot festival.

Fiona has charmed and opened for K Trevor Wilson (Letterkenny, JFL, Jeff Ross Roast Battle). After providing the world with three future tax payers ( all born by C Sections, just saying), Fiona has decided to dedicate her life to making sexually frustrated, disillusioned and bored people laugh with her no restraint, provocative, humour.